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An Homage To Rudolph Vaccarezza On His 100th Birthday

Today I would like to honor one of the most inspiring family members in my family tree, my grandfather Rudolph Vaccarezza, on what would have been his 100th Birthday.

Being a local business owner is in my blood. On both sides of my family, I grew up hearing stories— and seeing— innovative, resourceful and passionate men and women serve their communities. My ancestors cultivated their talents to support their families; but more importantly, their goals have always been to bring superior products and services to the towns they lived in.

Rudolph Vaccarezza was one of the founding fathers of a local refuse company that is now known as Cal-Waste. With humble roots that started with horse-drawn carriages, my grandfather was an innovator in his industry. In 1948, he transformed the local waste collection method from horse-drawn carriages to trucks with paper balers installed on them— amazing technology for the time. Grandpa Rudy knew that technology was the way of the future, always pressing his company further into the 20th century.

To me, though, the most important lessons come from hearing about Grandpa Rudy’s take on quality service. Even dating back to the 1950’s, he required his team to wear uniforms and wash the garbage trucks daily. This history may not seem extraordinary; but if you think about the time period, it’s clear that he laid the foundation for professionalism. Grandpa Rudy’s dream was “Commitment To Quality Service,” a dream my family works hard to keep alive every single day at Pietro’s Trattoria.

Because of Grandpa Rudy and that dream, we feel a responsibility to carry on his commitment, maintain the quality service, the quality ideas, and the quality of our team. It is my honor to remember him, renew his spirit, and carry on.


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